A Darker Shade of Magic Londons Special Edition Bundle


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This bundle is inspired by the four different Londons depicted in A Darker Shade of Magic. 

Inspired by a dying city full of desperate people, White London smells of White Currant, Smoke, Saffron, and Death.

Inspired by the bones of a world broken by magic, Black London smells Ozone, Patchouli, and Destruction. 

Inspired by a London full of strength, beauty and the hum of magic, Red London smells like Soft Florals, Citrus, and Magic. 

Inspired by an ordinary London where magic has been all but forgotten, Grey London smells of Fresh Rain, Frankincense, and Fog. 

Each candle is made in a 4 oz, 6 oz, and 8 oz candle tin or a 10 oz glass jar with a wooden wick. Alternatively, you can purchase this scent as a wax melt.

Wicks by Pearl produces small-batch, hand poured candles that are made to order. All candles are made from vegan soy wax which has no harmful chemicals and burns cleaner than other waxes.

Note: Soy wax is clean burning; frosting (white crystals on the surface), cracking, and dripping on the surface is common but will not affect the candle’s scent throw or burning. We always do our best to make sure this occurs less, but with soy wax it can still happen, so please keep this in mind before buying. Additionally, because each batch is made to order some color and scent variation may occur.

Safety Notes:

-Never leave a candle burning unattended.

-Always keep wicks trimmed to ¼ of an inch.

-Burn candles all the way to the edge prior to extinguishing.

-Never burn for more than four hours at a time. Burning for longer can cause the wick to move or tilt.


Please get in touch if there are any issues!

Email: Wicksbypearl@gmail.com

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All rights to the character that inspired this candle belong to the author, V.E. Schwab.